Beware: Demons Are Hitting The Streets!

There’s nothing more than can be said about Dodge’s psychotic, 840-horsepower 2017 Challenger SRT Demon. Everyone who considers themselves an auto enthusiast knows the Demon is the Challenger Hellcat’s delinquent big brother and is NHRA-certified to blast the quarter-mile in just 9.65 seconds at 140 mph after completing a 0-to-60 mph pull in just 2.3 seconds. Even Guinness World Records certified the Demon as being the only production car to pick its front tires off the track under full acceleration. Well, now the Demon is being let loose. Dodge has begun shipments to its dealerships.

Only 3,300 Demons will be made and each comes for a life of insane drag racing or decades of solitude in some collectors garage. Dodge actually made the Demon ready for both. Of course, the supercharged V-8 is ready to grip the dragstrip with its factory-installed drag radials, but Dodge will sell you the Demon Authentication Package for $1 that includes the car’s paperwork in hermetically sealed sleeves within a leather-bound archive portfolio complete with a carbon fiber Certicard with the car’s VIN, its RPO codes, and the owners name etched onto its surface.

Other Mopar options include the back seat and front passenger seat –each included for only $1, the Demon Crate which includes all the performance accessories needed for sub-10-second runs on the drag strip (again for only $1), and a $695 custom indoor car cover that matches the car’s color scheme and the owner’s name embroidered above the driver’s door.

Of the 3,300 Demons being produced, only 300 are headed to Canada and the rest have homes in the U.S. And despite all the unique engineering and special parts that go into making the Demon Dodge is only charging $86,090. Yeah, that’s a chunk of cash, but for the quickest RWD production car on the planet, that’s a good bargain.



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