FCA’s New "Reloaded by Creators" Service is Your Chance To Own a Classic Fiat or Alfa Romeo

Jaguar’s decision to complete the D-Type’s original production run isn’t the only significant thing to come out of the Retromobile show in Paris. Turns out, Fiat Chrysler Automobile also announced a similar initiative called “Reloaded by Creators.” The new sales service was created in part because FCA is now opening its books to sell a limited number of carefully selected classic cars, purchased by the service, and restored to their original condition. The proceeds generated by the sale of these classics will go to new “scouting activities” that will strengthen FCA’s own historic collection.

“FCA says that the Reloaded by Creators service will also set the stage for avid fans and collectors of classic Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Lancias, and Abarths to have opportunities at owning a collectible vehicle from any of these brands”

FCA says that the Reloaded by Creators service will also set the stage for avid fans and collectors of classic Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Lancias, and Abarths to have opportunities at owning a collectible vehicle from any of these brands. Off the bat, there are five models that are being offered, including a 1991 Alfa Spider Spider, a 1973 Lancia Fulvia Coupe Montecarlo, a 1981 Pininfarina Spiderueropa, a 1989 Alfa Romeo SZ, and a 1959 Lancia Appia Coupe.

Of these give models, FCA describes the first three — the Alfa Spider, Lancia Fulvia, and Pininfarina Spiderueropa — as “ultimate classics,” a term the automaker uses for the “last versions of their series to be built.” They’re also the most “complete in terms of engineering and design.” Meanwhile, the other two models for sale — the Alfa Romeo SZ and the Lancia Appia Coupe — are described as “unusual custom cars that not everyone will know about.” Take those words for what they’re worth.

Neither FCA nor its new Reloaded by Creators program have indicated the sale price of any of these classics. It did say that all five cars come complete with certificates of authenticity.

In case you’re interested in any of the five FCA classics, a brief description of each model can be found below.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

Arguably the most famous Alfa Romeo convertible in history, the Spider is, without question, a crown jewel of any Alfa Romeo collector. This particular model belongs to the last version of the Spider to be built, which also happens to be the last series that Battista Pininfarina worked on in person. The model FCA is selling has been in its possession for almost 30 years, and was used for “technical tests” over the years.

1989 Alfa Romeo SZ

If the 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider isn’t your thing, you can opt to get the 1989 Alfa Romeo SZ. This model exclusively wore the Alfa Red color and was limited to just 1,000 units. The model in question also wears the date “15 September 1989,” which presumably was the date it was built. It also traces its roots to the Balocco race circuit where it was used for “testing and experiments.”

1973 Lancia Fulvia Coupe Montecarlo

The Lancia Fulvia Coupe Montecarlo traces its roots to the Fulvia Coupe, which was launched in 1965 on a shortened version of the Fulvia sedan chassis. The Montecarlo special edition was created to celebrate Lancia’s victory in the 1972 Montecarlo Rally behind the effort of drivers Sandro Munari and Mario Manucci. This specific model doesn’t have the most powerful of engines — it only has a 90-horsepower 1.3-liter unit — but it still has its original black registration plates. That has to count for something.

1959 Lancia Appia Coupe

The 2+2 coupé was designed by Pininfarina. It also holds the distinction of being one of the few models that were built on a chassis that Lancia used for its custom-built vehicles. While it’s not the same model, the Appia Coupe also has a special place in the annals of Italian cinema as the model driven by Sylva Koscina in Luigi Zampa’s film “The Traffic Policeman.” I’ve never heard of that movie, but I’m sure it was good enough to have the Appia Coupe in it.

1981 Spidereuropa Pininfarina

We all know the current Fiat 124 Spider, but back when it was still in its first incarnation, it gave birth to the Pininfarina Spidereuropa. This particular is one of the first models of the Spidereuropa to be built by Pininfarina as a last ode to the OG 124 Sport Spider. It only has 10,000 kilometers in its odometer, a relatively small mileage considering its age and history.


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