Pops’ Rants: Karma Just Kicked Elon Musk in the Nuts

Another day, another carrot. I just dropped by to tell you that I love karma. Nope, not the Fisker Karma. That karma. The principle that Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. It’s the concept that keeps all life in a perfect balance. And the same concept made Elon Musk look pretty dumb after Hyundai launched the Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV at the Consumer Electronics Show. Yup, gotta love karma!


In case you haven’t been following the latest electric car market disputes, Elon Musk made a few smug comments in recent years. One was aimed at the Nissan Leaf when Musk said that the Model 3 will provide more range at a more affordable price. The compact sedan isn’t yet available, as Tesla is struggling with production issues, but we already know that it’s more efficient than the redesigned Leaf. However, it’s a bit more expensive in base trim and significantly pricier if you want the longer range option and some tech. Pricier as in you can buy a BMW instead.


In early 2016, Musk made a public statement in which it called hydrogen cars “incredibly dumb” when compared to electric vehicle. Granted, he had a few valid reasons about the process of splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen and compressing the latter cars, but it was still pretty rude to just take a dump on all automakers working on fuel cell technology. Especially with so many engineers claiming that it’s a viable solution. Well, Hyundai just launched the hydrogen-powered Nexo SUV with a range of 370 miles, 75 more than the range-topping Tesla Model X. And karma entered the room to kick Elon in the nuts.

Sure, only time will tell if the Nexo is as good as Hyundai claims, but some were skeptical when the Toyota Mirai entered production, and the Japanese sedan has done pretty well until now. And, unlike Tesla, Hyundai has kept its promises recently and didn’t miss its production schedule due to rash decisions. Maybe Elon could take a break and take a few notes from the Koreans. Hydrogen might be worth something after all now that carbon tanks are becoming more affordable and hydrogen stations are becoming a thing. Let’s not forget that hybrid and all-electric drivetrains were considered ludicrous a few decades ago…

Karma wins. Every time.


Hyundai Nexo

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