The Most Useful Land Rover Defender Can Fit Inside Your Wallet

The Land Rover Defender was known for being one of the most functional cars in the world. It was built to drive on any road surface and its all-world toughness has become one of its most enduring features. Unfortunately, the Defender is in a bit of an influx today as Land Rover prepares to launch the next-generation model. Fear not, though, because there is a Land Rover Defender that’s currently on the market that has no shortage of useful functions. Best of all, it costs under $20. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the Land Rover Defender multitool device.

“The little steel gadget has 11 different functions, including six wrenches that come in different sizes”

Ok, so it’s not really as functional as an actual Land Rover, but that’s not the point. The credit card-sized multitool is a handy tool in its own right. All in all, the little steel gadget has 11 different functions, including six wrenches that come in different sizes. It also has a flathead screwdriver, a cutter, a tire tread gauge, and even a bottle opener that lets you open your favorite brewski as a pat-in-the-back for buying the thing.

Aesthetically, the multitool comes in the shape of a Defender and even comes in a faux suede pouch that you can fit inside your wallet. If you want to show it off to your buddies, there’s a hole near the tire tread gauge that allows you to put the multitool on a key ring. That’s probably not the best idea, but it is pretty cool to look at so I can’t blame you for showing it off.

I know Christmas is over, but there’s no stopping you from buying the tool for yourself. You can even buy it for the purpose of giving it as a birthday gift, or you can be like most mothers who buy Christmas gifts a year early. There’s no stopping you from getting one so might as well look into it to see if it fits into your lifestyle. Given its plethora of functions, I’m convinced that you’re going to need it.

If it’s still not your thing, you can wait until the end of the year or the early part of 2019 to buy the actual next-generation Land Rover Defender. The automaker has not given a definite timetable, but reports suggest that we could see the revived SUV around that time period.


Land Rover Defender

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