We Already Know What it Looks Like, But Mercedes is Teasing the Next-Gen G-Class SUV Anyway

Give Mercedes-Benz credit for this: no amount of leaked images will spoil it by teasing the upcoming Mercedes G-Class. We’ve already seen the all-weather SUV running roughshod in a snowy landscape. Now, it’s taking its marauding madness to the sand dunes with a new teaser photo that shows next-to-nothing except for a peek at the front section of the SUV.

The lack of identifiable body bits doesn’t really matter anymore because the aforementioned leaked photos gave the jig up. We know that the new G-Class will keep its iconic look. With the exception of a few bits and pieces, the new G-Class will remain identifiable to anybody who sees it. That’s not to say that the SUV will be completely the same. Looks aside, this is a new model that’s packing plenty of new tech features and the latest in state-of-the-art technology. The interior, in particular, boasts a reconfigured layout and a new digital instrument cluster, among other niceties.

We’ll leave the technical details for Mercedes to reveal, but the new G-Class is shaping up to be another German masterclass in robust off-roading. The SUV is scheduled to make its debut at the North American Auto Show in Detroit next week. Before that, a third and final teaser will be unveiled on January 14. It doesn’t matter now since we already know what the G-Class looks like, but in keeping with the theme of the first two teaser photos, we’re guessing that this one takes place in a jungle. Perhaps even outer space? No, that’d be too much.


Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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